In the documentary we follow some different biohackers. The most important characters of our documentary are:


– Tim Cannon; a grinder who has several technological implants already and who is not far away from getting a new one. In 2013 Tim started the company Grindhouse Wetware so he could work on projects with other biohackers.



– Ryan O’Shea; a biohacker who is part of Grindhouse Wetware but doesn’t have any implants yet. Ryan is in charge of spreading the message of the company.



– Justin Worst; a grinder who is also the CEO of Grindhouse Wetware. In November he got the Northstar device implanted in his hand, but it stopped working. So he’s getting an upgrade.



Dr. Jeroen Stevens;
Doctor Jeroen Stevens is a cosmetic plastic surgeon who performs ‘biosurgery’. That’s a form of cosmetic plastic surgery using elements of your own body to create the look that you want to. Doctor Stevens is a pioneer in his field and knows all about the risks of implants in the human body.



Filippo Santoni de Sio;
Filippo is a professor in ethics of technology at the Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands. Some of his many interests are what he calls robot ethics en ethics of human enhancement. We asked him about the ethical issues that are connected to biohacking.